The Proposal

Described in a conversation between Erich and Olivia.

O: Do you remember the first time we met?
E: Yes, we had a lasagna night at my apartment and my roommate invited you over. Or you came over during lasagna night because we were all going to see a movie.

We may have gone to see 'The Other Guys' afterwards, but we don't actually agree on whether it was that night or another night later on.

E: What was your first impression of me?
O: My first thought was that you were a babe. And after introducing myself I could tell you were a little sarcastic, which I liked.

O: When did you realize I was "the one"? Was it a gradual realization or an epiphany?
E: After we graduated college we moved out of our college apartment. I had to move back to Houston and you moved back to Austin. Moving back home and away from you was one of the hardest things, and that's when I knew.

O: When did you decide to put a ring on it?
E: Honestly, I don't really know. I decided at some point, made a timeline and then it all fell into place.

E: Did you know that the proposal was going to happen sometime that day?
O: Eh, I thought if it was going to happen it would be at the end of the weekend. You were being so shady about our plans so I had no idea what we were doing that day. I thought you were winging it.

The whole thing was intended to be a surprise, we spent two days at Travaasa Austin.

O: What was the most useful proposal advice you received?
E: I got a lot of advice from friends and family but the advice I went with came from a movie I watched. The quote was, "life is made up of grand romantic gestures," or something. I said "fuck it, I'm going all out."

O: On a scale of 1 to 10, how nervous were you?
E: 3, I wasn't really nervous at all.

O: Was my reaction on par with your expectation?
E: Well, I thought you'd cry more :)

P.S. There was ugly crying throughout Erich's entire proposal.

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Moment captured by our friend Ronny Galdámez